Today in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market opened lower after the small amplitude

Today in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market opened lower after the small amplitude, concussion sustained weakness, the gem index slightly stronger than the main board market, although the crash, but stocks is not strict, the market since the end of 7 expansion rebound, have been in operation for nearly 2 Cheap Glow in the Dark Nike Dunks High Shoes Outlet months, the market is also in dispute constantly refresh rebound high. From the starting point of a rebound in the current round of 2050 points, to the recent high of 2347 points, increase has been close to 300 points. Although the height of rebound has not yet reached the 2012 December and 2013 June the two midlevel rebound in the market, however, the market turnover has divulged the secret. Then I will talk about from the following aspects of my personal opinion. First of all, today’s market opened lower drop, we think there are several reasons: first, the continuing weakness to Nike Factory Store market funds face. This week 12 only the purchase of new shares to freeze the funds, will freeze about 600000000000 of the funds, near the end of the season and at the same time, the bank funds face pressure recovery of mobility, it is selfevident. But Womens Nike Dunks Low WDL024there is one point phenomenon worthy of attention, before every purchase of new shares, the gem is always the most seriously injured, and the gem trend was stronger than the main board, and the large capitalization stocks tumbled, Cheap Nike Dunks Low Kids Outlet indicates that shortly after the operation should be based on the stock index of light. Second, the volume can not. We have previously stressed, the market last Wednesday day rebound, the funds that willingness to approach is not high, the market waitandsee atmosphere was Nike Ireland have nice design intense, the lack of upward momentum, fall is the only choice. Third, the spell effect. Stock public offering fund positions line once again approaching 88% positions spell, reproducing the 88 spell effect, make the funds have to sell, to promote the broader market fell sharply. Secondly, technically, the market once again pull out the long line, fell last Wednesday lows, but in relative terms, the Every customer both like Nike Air Max Lunar 2280 line support is quite strong, while the 20 line has gradually catch up, less likely to re Shadie shortly after the market. Last week the market volatility, prev dropping to the I Like Nike Air Max 2014 online lowest point of 2282, energy short quick release, then the policy in the face of support, to stabilize the market rebound, I buy Nike Ireland various Buy Nike Store Ireland hot topics tend to be active, multi gradually restore confidence. Overall, the policy side continued to support the formation of Cheap Nike Dunks Low Womens Outlet good effect for A stock market, the pattern of rebound has not changed, but considering the end of the season before the money next week concentrated purchase new shares sensitive period superposition effect, technology above the resistance increasing and will shock consolidation in digestion, shortterm straddle both sides is expected to continue to repeated game at point 23002350 between. Anyway, I think the market today again fierce Shadie, the short term is difficult to reproduce the rising prices, but the stocks and obvious Shadie, shortly after the operation or mainly in light weight stock index is appropriate. Because do pioneering work board refers to the relatively strong, the market outlook still has a great chance of gem.

Aki the current stock market in the eyes of many investors seem to have Nothing is right

Aki the current stock market in the eyes of many investors seem to have Nothing is right., and includes institutions, many investors in the daily communication with plump to story, the market is also in the plump to infectious shot and weak. This with the previous 9 months and the market in 6000 points above the gold ten years; story scene contrast, more similar. advance a more advantages high inflation and GDP growth deceleration is two the backdrop, combined i love jordan nubuck men with the energy, resources, raw material prices, investment income and other factors lead to the loss of most investors, especially institutional investors are constantly revising downward listing Corporation earnings expectations. At present, most professional bodies on 2008 2009, the expected profit of listing Corporation have been from before 30%, 20% growth down the amendment to 1520%, about 510%. The market itself is on the expected operation, lowered profit anticipated also means that the market valuation of the central down. This may be difficult to have a big institutional investors as the main factors, and the center of gravity of the situation. however, if we take the economic background of a market in the view of the world, can be found in the discount kids air jordan shoes global economy also has 07 years from the second half of the year to bid farewell to the past glory, but compared to other economies, the economic situation and growth potential in China is still the world’s best, our 15 month GDP growth rate i like lebron james 2014 of 10.6%, even under consideration the first half of the year somewhat fall after a rise, maintained at more than 10% growth basically no problem, this is achieved in the case of natural disasters under the. Obviously, Chinese economy come first on the list of the pattern has not changed, if the current economic background binding to market point of view, can also be found in the current market have been advanced to i love cheap jordans wholesale account for almost all of the negative expectations, the existing or potential negative factors have made to fully digest. Therefore, the stock market fell relative to other overseas recently, early adjustment to discount lebron james website digest a market already has a after the first down first up the advantages of. Recently, many investors in U. S. stocks rose when a stock is not up, U. S. stocks fell when a down to up phenomenon to heart, in fact, this kind of phenomenon is very normal in the local market, because before a in the weak state, a Wind sways grass. naturally prone to panic phenomenon, from the market mechanism say, this phenomenon contributes to a speed up the bottom, and the bottom of the market after more solid, which is more in line with the rebound is not the bottom, bottom rebound is not market rules. Looking ahead, a weak stock market is more than the other, but we firmly believe that looking back a stock market after has completely eliminated the valuation bubble, ahead of time to digest the negative expectations, will behave better than other stock markets. The stock market i like air jordan shoes men charm and essence, investment opportunities and risks are looking to the future, therefore, after the systemic risk in the global stock market, at present already fell early a in a sense more precious to move

Tuesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market opened slightly lower

Tuesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market opened slightly lower, the Shanghai Cheap Nike Dunks Low Kids Outlet composite index opened at 5678.91 points, down 13.84 points, Shen Chengzhi opened at 19178.33 points, down 54.01 points. After the opening of the stock index slightly lowered and then around yesterday’s closing point of narrow range of fluctuation, Huzhi below 5700 points, Tiaokong gap did not completely covering. The afternoon market short power is I buy Nike Ireland slow, in the majority of stocks have strong drive, re stock index is close to an alltime high yesterday record. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 5715.89 points, the day high shock consolidation trend. the surface, although there is no financial, real estate plate yesterday’s performance is so strong, but banking stocks, brokerage stocks is still the focus of the afternoon trading, Huaxia Bank, ranked in the forefront of bank shares or list; for the smooth operation of the market contribution index. Sector rotation speed. The nonferrous metal plate driven by a rebound in Jiangxi copper rapid rebound is expected to continue, differentiation. yesterday Chinese Shenhua 601088 officially listed, but the coal stocks Cheap Glow in the Dark Nike Dunks High Shoes Outlet has Cheap Nike Dunks Low Womens Outlet not boosted, continued to drop across a pWomens Nike Dunks Low WDL026re adjustment, coal plates ferocious rally, but before they start to adjust, the plate of shortterm funds have been signs of outflow. Nike Ireland have nice design three quarterly market began to rehearse, to clear growth underestimated varieties, investors can hold. market in the surface of the capital, the latest monthly report shows stock funds in September outside the capital flows directly into the scale reached 330000000000, the continued marketing fund scale growth of more than 35000000000 yuan, the total reached 365000000000 yuan. And in September, a stock market with IPO new issue and to the stamp tax, the commission Every customer both like Nike Air Max Lunar form the outflow of funds Buy Nike Store Ireland a total amount of about 200000000000 yuan. After the September stock funds of hedge rose about 170000000000 yuan. A stock funds have also increased to a record 1.47 trillion scale. But with the stock market capacity expansion, to promote the role of the new 170000000000 yuan for the whole market is very limited, the market is more apparent structural adjustment feature, Bankuailundong capital to accelerate, the blue chip market concentration and in promoting the index climbing at the same time, most of the stock performance of the doldrums, I Like Nike Air Max 2014 online to a certain extent on the formation of retail Bikong effect. Outlook October, the central bank will continue tightening monetary policy the central bank this week will send 152000000000 directional instruments; the through train is expected to launch in October; at the same time, the fund issued, executives recently intention through the QDII address the problem of excess liquidity in the domestic, QDII approval will be increased, and a fund approval is limited, the wolf much less meat at the same time, taking into account the October coincided with the national day and the 17 session of the period, the bad news is not likely to appear, so we expect the October launch a bi Kong market, 6000 period, also want Nike Factory Store to pay attention to is the market will be more apparent volatility consolidation characteristics and plate wheel dynamic characteristics of structural adjustment, the general investors grasp the opportunity.

The profitability of large enterprises China why down

The profitability of large enterprises China why down? Zheng Yuchuan recently, China Enterprise Association, Chinese Entrepreneurs Association released in Chongqing in 2014 Chinese discount kids air jordan shoes enterprise 500 strong list, enterprise short listed the threshold for the first time exceeded 20000000000 yuan. Data shows, 2014 Chinese 500 enterprises operating income reached 56.68 yuan, a yearonyear increase of 13.31%, but profit ability is not strong, short listed enterprises in the net assets income rate is negative in 41 enterprises. Experts said, compared America large enterprises, the profitability of China’s large enterprises continued to decline, further widening the gap, should be vigilant. experts also pointed out that China’s large enterprises, core loss of competitive advantage, the banking industry and the real economy profit gap is pulled ceaselessly big, stateowned enterprises loss heavy disaster area, goes out poor effects become more and more serious. Experts say, Chinese enterprises lack of brand, lack of technology, lack of management, management consciousness and idea could not keep up with, going out and a worldclass MultiNational Corporation competition at this the urgent need to increase the input of innovation and brand building, build the core competitiveness. Economic Reference News September 19th Chinese enterprises especially large enterprises in operating income growth, the emergence of profitability continued to decline, explanation for this phenomenon is given, need to give more precise and detailed analysis. Our country enterprise lack of input of innovation and brand building, and management level can not meet the need of development, are certainly an important reason leading to profitability decline, but these Is it right? Main reasons, there exist other factors greater impact, business case and data remains to be the relevant departments of the state and authoritative i love cheap jordans wholesale research institutions with the coverage of more to explore a wide. innovation especially in technical research and innovation, is to ensure that the premise of industry and enterprise with core competitiveness. In recent years in the equipment manufacturing, bio pharmaceuticals, new energy, telecommunications and other industries, only the production process and technology master, even if not broken theory has narrowed the gap with Europe’s leading enterprise of large enterprises in china. At least you can be sure of one thing is, quite a number of enterprises in China, into the stream has been from the respective field in the past was not face, into i love jordan nubuck men Europe and i like air jordan shoes men the United States enterprises must use various litigation and foreign government control to suppress the threatening competitor. and the transformation, but also reflects China’s enterprise brand and the promotion of management level. Some experts for many years: without the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises point of view, claiming that China companies lack of brand, lack of technology, lack of management, almost Nothing is right.; and when it comes to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises phenomenon, are discount lebron james website all attributed to the cheap labor and overdrafts environment interpretation. If China’s enterprises in the international market is really no brand i like lebron james 2014 awareness and management level, simply can not squeeze in the complex international market, if not even the management level, to serve as the processing workshop of the MultiNational Corporation is not possible. as for China enterprises especially large enterprises going out, all kinds of setbacks in the overseas market, whether to enter the overseas market more time

Author: this skylight as long as prices trend confirmation should not worry down

Author: this skylight as long as prices trend confirmation should not worry down, remember that one of the most practical view: any callback shrinking repair are to rise again, only on the basis of the concepts of low contact on the other do not have much to worry about. the i like lebron james 2014 market will start to worry about falling down, of course, can also be optimistic about excessive up again. Callback fell whether it would change the original rally? Ask: whether because of this fall i like air jordan shoes men and change the bull rally? If a point is simple, straightforward, rising trend last Tuesday started strong lift, whether because of Tuesday opened slightly vulnerable leads to fall? Of course not, nor may be because such a fall down to the trend, this must be aware of. to observe today opened the trend, after 24 minutes after the trend can clearly see the two tendencies, one is the family down the number is greater than the rose more than 700, that formed at this time absolute repression is very obvious, such a situation requiring multiple immediately counter attack is not possible, using this opportunity to induce disk callback down discount lebron james website to wash is a very good choice, so today should be estimated so evolution. then the index decline will how? When the rise number always remained at 200 below, to counterattack the fundamental is demanding, then drop to also belong to normal, even today, there was a substantial fall, it will not affect the original rise, even down to 2245 points will not change the trend of rising many, this time to see discount kids air jordan shoes second, multi callback the overall repair after the evolution, is not only the point relations, observe the change is also the flow of funds, two main trend observed are as follows: About analysis of 1, on Tuesday, the first 30 minutes of the trading volume is relatively large, to all repair and adjustment are not of much help, but in the second quarter of third hours shrinking, there are stable characteristics of multi speaking. Comparison of i love jordan nubuck men Wednesday’s 30 minute, this minute down the great turnover, the reaction is in front of the two trading days a lot of correspondence, not shrinking volume surge that have obvious characteristics of the initial profits, only part of the chips to kill only after the evolution of strong low turnover, otherwise how Xipan? This situation will affect the later quantitative change; 2, the 10 day average price lines are not broken, nor the formation of falling down, all should be regarded as a i love cheap jordans wholesale repair in rise, cannot think of really will fall. Of course, most of the interpretation of down to see this moment will think it is not good, because only see today’s change, do not see today after chance. Really want to appear larger down repair is not in today, there are 8 trading days after again! market used to use indicators tell you in order to study the column that there is no concept, the most important is the wrong concept of using metrics, the characteristic indexes are simple morphological classification, think over 80deg;

Last week A shares market wide shocks

Last week A shares market wide shocks, the impact of 2350 points interval innovation and high resistance, the callback region 2280 point rebound concussion, digest profit taking pressure and above 2300 points distributed transaction intensive pressure continuous Bikong after. The main factors affecting the market before eleven is the holiday effect and IPO, IPO market allotment to bring the money out of pressure, in the new shares issued before two days to reduce the pressure significantly, and long before national day or red effect of speculation, once the Buy Nike Store Ireland market volume in line trend and new hot forming, will become the key Every customer both like Nike Air Max Lunar shortterm adjustment of the end signal the small line, otherwise it is Nike Factory Store difficult to change the market rebound differences straddle. This week against the purchase of Cheap Nike Dunks Low Kids Outlet new shares the main pumping capital pressure, market or shrinking for 2300 points and one line, operation, finishing the shortterm stage may be concerned Cheap Nike Dunks Low Womens Outlet about medicine, infrastructure, environmental protection and other varieties defense, military and so on early leading varieties better wait and see, avoid high shares subject toWomens Nike Dunks Low WDL021 distribute risk, in line to continue around Shanghai Gangtong and reform the theme involved in. 1. key themes and one point: the State Council issued a blueprint for climate change , the national development and Reform Commission recently issued on the national climate change plan 20142020 year, clearly put forward the main target to cope with climate change in 2020 China work, including non fossil energy accounts for the proportion to achieve 15% of primary energy. The related stock: first environmental protection, Sheng Yun shares, Fenglin group, Mongolian grass drought etc 2. key themes and two things: the three big industry mix changes the route to I Like Nike Air Max 2014 online decrypt along with the stateowned enterprise reforms progress further, reform plan of each province has been gaining momentum. Among them, the military industry 29 listing Corporation to asset securitization and equipment information is heavy; pharmaceutical industry competing health industry 8 trillion cake; the Nike Ireland have nice design power plate lies in the generation of electricity market reform focus and power sale market. The related stock: Sinopharm shares, Shanghai pharmaceutical, Lepu medical, Chuantou energy Cheap Glow in the Dark Nike Dunks High Shoes Outlet etc 3 key themes and three things: the Central Bank of Internet financial guidance promulgated within President Guangdong Internet Finance Association Chen Baoguo said, the Central Bank of Internet financial guidance will be issued during the year, is aimed at guiding framework of the entire Internet financial industry, is not specific to P2P, all the chips, the third party payment rules promulgated policy. The related stock: three five interconnected, I buy Nike Ireland three six five nets, business treasure, electronic city. note: the above content does not constitute investment advice, please pay attention to the market risk. see the wonderful property net letters wonderful property stock quantization for retail, select unit! today hot stock:

in the Chinese education development process

page, in the Chinese education development process, is a strange flower. with online education flourishing in recent two years, the Shanghai lowkey enterprises from the corner jumped stand to center stage, it was found that, after more than ten years of development, the volume of users the Internet education enterprise far beyond imagination. So, the team and its founder, began to accept the parties inspection in the spotlight. Fu Cairui, born in 1979, his name more commonly known Arno. In 2001, is a Junior Arno founded the Hujiang Lin BBS, 2003 HJ online line, 2006 to 8 people, 80000 yuan of funds to start the founding team, open operation Hujiang net company. feelings and pragmatic, smart and there is no lack of imagination, he left a deep impression to the reporter. The team goes to today, and it has a close relationship with these characteristics of the founder, but apparently buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online he had bigger ambitions: in an interview, he mentioned the need to do Chinese education online in the entrance. how to achieve this we may wish to listen to Arno’s The master exposes himself. The advantages of we are more understand user twentyfirst Century economic report the following abbreviation twentyfirst Century: at the beMens Dennis Rodman Shoes MDER02ginning of this year, Shanghai has been adjusted in the organizational structure, set up a special sector partners, to pave the way for the development of Hujiang to platform. Now several Wholesale Cheap Dennis Rodman Shoes From China domestic online education company also made it clear to do platform, have stressed the need to keep up with the downstream enterprises to cooperate. Hujiang can provide what partners? Arno: this problem is certainly all consideration, otherwise you can’t win. The reason why we started towards the platform the development direction, not accomplish at one stroke moment of decision is the result of longterm thinking, month after i like Wholesale air max shoes month and year after year. In doing this B2C Project School of buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Shanghai, do i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes third years found that there are some disadvantages, the content order of magnitude enough assets. buy Wholesale air max shoes online Then, we a lot of content is cooperative, is a kind of invitation type cooperation, part to achieve a similar Jingdong store mode. Content production subcontract, the partner’s content on the HJ, the effect i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes is very good, basically once partners to cooperate with us will not leave, can also let him to concentrate on what they are best at. in addition, Wholesale Cheap Dennis Rodman Shoes Men From China because the Hujiang have a pattern from the start at the beginning, the foundation partners have been, with partners to exchange can clearly know what their needs, the partnership itself nor Wholesale Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes From China the ability to finish this thing alone, so they need to Shanghai this platform. The magnitude of this demand is very large, extended from the training institutions to include publishing agencies within the system, the traditional school and other related organizations. The again, we through the longterm study of learners, learners’ psychological already know more than other Internet Education practitioners. Some people may go to take a business platform, use is also very convenient, but the biggest problem: how

today 17 days

today 17 days, magic diffuse camera announced it had completed A wheel financing investing tens of i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes millions of yuan, to, but the specific amount not disclosed. It is understood, this round of financing will be used for team building and the construction of ecological circle magic buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online diffuse. The socalled ecological circle construction, refers to the two creation of user by using magic diffuse camera open gallery, so as i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes to accelerate the commercialization of magic diffuse camera. The for the financing, magic Wholesale Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes From China diffuse camera cofounder Huang Guangming said, Ali to B resources will be beneficial to the commercialization of magic diffuse camera. And for the construction of the ecological circle, magic diffuse camera can also use Ali resources, extending in the transverse market wider. has been, the outside world for once detonation red devil diffuse camera existence question, namely, how to enhance the user viscosity to precipitate the user, this magic diffuse camera CEO Ren Xiaoqian said, red burst is only shortterm phenomenon, rather than the result, says with its is a App, rather than providing a create comic skills for the user. commercial layout new attempt of it is understood,Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes MDER04 magic diffuse camera in launch soon began to try business layout, such as through the builtin, membership services, has achieved a certain revenue, but still need to venture capital investment to support the operation of the company. In this regard, Huang Guangming said the magic buy Wholesale air max shoes online diffuse camera in the second half of last year began to contact with investors, the financing and without i like Wholesale air max shoes any difficulty. at the same time, he also revealed, at present the world has about 200000 small business owners, small shopkeepers by magic diffuse buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online camera gaining profits and expand his businesses. visible, this financing is long term considerations magic diffuse camera commercial Wholesale Cheap Dennis Rodman Shoes From China based, by means of Taobao and online channel, through the magic of diffuse camera making promotional gifts. accelerated integration of customized gifts channel it is understood, the development of line, line customized gifts is one of the magic diffuse the current focus is on business, such as customized Wholesale Cheap Dennis Rodman Shoes Men From China products on their personalized in the station, mainly involving Tshirts, mobile phone shell, teacup, notebook, photo and other customized primarily, the future will be to field more widely extended. talking about why select the development of customized gifts market, Ren Xiaoqian said, on the one hand, long before the magic diffuse camera online International Animation Festival, magic diffuse there with beta App and entity gifts exhibition, the problem does not exist in the production of gift technology; on the other hand, magic diffuse camera features meet the personalized gifts, and the two user groups are very close to the. Visible, the future and Ali cooperation will accelerate the process of magic diffuse channel integration. in addition, Ren Xiaoqian also said, the next magic diffuse camera will expand the domestic market and in the global layout, such as further cooperation with Facebook, etc it is understood, magic diffuse camera since last July up to the present the user scale has exceeded 160000000, including overseas user scale accounted for more than 6 into.

Abstract this report aims to explore new mode China secondhand car industry and the Internet combined with innovative and efficient trading services

Abstract this report aims to explore new mode China secondhand car industry and the Internet combined with innovative and efficient trading services, and summarizes the latest developments in the first half of 2014 the industry. In this report, the buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online secondhand car dealer refers Wholesale Cheap Dennis Rodman Shoes From China to the generalized with the help of the Internet and mobile Internet, to secondhand car marketing object, information and transaction activities of each link in the secondhand car trading, marketing, evaluation, consumption and service enterprises in the narrow sense refers to the secondhand car business to focus on secondhand car trading with the combination of traditional Internet, deeply involved in the secondhand car trading, ecommerce platform and provides i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes trading services. Automobile production link nearly 70% of the profits of the contribution by the circulation and after sale service link. The secondhand car as the car circulation value chain is the Wholesale Cheap Scotty Pippin Shoes From China most important part, Chinese secondhand car market potential is tremendous, foreground is unprecedented. From 2000 to 2013 14 years, the volume of transactions of secondhand car market from 251700 vehicles increased to 5203300 vehicles, an increase of nearly 20 times, the amount of the transaction has Wholesale Cheap Dennis Rodman Shoes Men From China reached the scale of 291649000000 yuan, an increase of 46 over 2Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes MDER05000 times. i like Wholesale air max shoes China Automobile Association is expected to 2014, annual transaction volume growth rate will reach 8%10% in 2020 over the same period, to Chinese secondhand car trading scale reached 29200000 vehicles. New and used car transaction scale proportion will be close to 1:1, the basic characteristics of Chinese automobile market will be more reflected in mature markets. The rapid growth of the scale of the circulation of secondhand car, will promote the recycling consumption, promote the healthy development of the auto industry, in the guiding production, expand consumption, promote employment, to promote stable and rapid economic development, improving people’s living standard will play an important role. With the Internet and mobile Internet technologies i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes mature, domestic secondhand car in the past 3 years the emergence of buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online a variety of emerging business model, the industry inside and outside and capital concern, the development of secondhand car dealer is more to bring the huge influence to the automobile industry buy Wholesale air max shoes online and the automobile circulation industry. Ari has been focusing on advertising, Internet media, ecommerce, online games, and other wireless valueadded Internet economy research, innovation of this article is devoted to the study of the market circulation of automobile, explore the development platform, including the auction consignment mode, purchase and sale mode, transaction advisory platform, third party valuation, the secondhand car major emerging patterns in the China. Ai Rui hope to secondhand car business industry report, can help the readers to understand more deeply the main participants and their current business models Chinese secondhand car market, and this insight into the current situation of the development of China secondhand car industry and the future trend of development, then to promote the China leap in the development of secondhand car market growing, orderly contribution strength.

either the PX or the Hangzhou waste incineration power plant environmental events

either the PX or the Hangzhou waste incineration power plant environmental events, trouble people makes no sense. but here is not to describe this kind of event is non, but analysis of its severity. ‘s ruling party repeatedly to avoid political reform, continue to seek a breakthrough in the economy, or to improve the people’s life in exchange for the legitimacy of the ruling practice. But from the occurrence of many events, have seen Chinese serious social instability symptom. Chinese elite Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal ruling, without people’s participation, is paternalistic management style Stars like jeremy scott adidas elite small circle, we are literati, responsible for the world, but also to the people are good, you will forget it, you can’t do better. I can tell you clearly: you’re wrong. the weaknesses of human nature is, of people, you don’t let me in, all the responsibility you resist, then you do it right, it should be; wrong, all the responsibility you against, you are all wrong. This is called lift chopsticks, put down the chopsticks to condemn. The second is that the elite once used to power, the greed of human nature will be from the absolute power, causing All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes the absolute corruption. Even if the top design is clean, but the emperor not poor hungry Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa soldiers, local officials following or corrupt. And? Said to Ji Xiaolan, you are too naive, if I do not feed these corrupt officials, who work for me? Who put the relief food to victims? this is the central problem of Dynasty system. third, when local despots form a complicated and difficult to deal with forces, will see the local people like dirt, and credibility, runescape power is rising, people attach. Once the temple dangerous inclination, the world of capsizing. Every trouble environmental events, are in fact by means of a breakthrough, opinion leaders to participate in, agitate a sweep events across the country, a heavy blow to the prestige of the ruling party. In the upper and under pressure, the local government chokeable, or environmental protection engineering are put off, or back to early arrests up. this is not the right path. in the completion of Chinese after economic reforms, the only path is the implementation of universal suffrage, village, township autonomy reform. Let the local populace to participate in political elections, I like adidas nizza hi top sale local officials, but the local official power as much as possible to disperse, to perform local affairs in a plurality of different places of the field officer, let the I like cheap jeremy scott adidas Township Committee to supervise them. Upper system, at present and cannot be compared with Europe and the United States electoral system advantages and disadvantages, because the elite management Chinese, at least in the thirty years than in Europe and america. But the underlying problem is already very serious, if the ruling party is not as soon as possible so that the local produce a national participation of township selfgovernment system, the contradiction will stimulate more and more. even in the traditional system of Dynasty, China village has its autonomous system, often under the court appointed magistrate, to rely on the local squire collaborative management. Township autonomous clearly U.S. to village selfgovernment system Chinese traditional superior, but even the village selfgovernment tradition, Chinese also