colorful decorated home introduction In September 2013

colorful decorated home introduction In September 2013, a colorful decoration on the network news spread like wildfire, major media coverage of middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; is what makes Home Furnishing beauty brand overnight fame such a littleknown? colorful decorated home through the network Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 5 From China platform design and virtual reality technology, the integration of resources industry chain, the integration of Home Furnishing beauty services for customers, to create network entity mode of operation, a onestop solutions to customer localization service problem is the most powerful explanation of the brand core competitiveness. onestop business proposition, standardized service processes, to meet customer demand for Home Furnishing allround beauty. Full electronic commerce operation, i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes leading the traditional industry transformation to the new Home Furnishing beauty service industry. Introduction to enterprise colorful decorated home O2O Home Furnishing beauty integration service provider, creating the first domestic service type products business platform, O2O Home Furnishing beauty industKids Air Jordan 5 KJ507ry pioneer and leading brand, China chain 50, 2014 O2O business practice award. Lead the development of Home Furnishing beauty industry with new B2C, B2B combined with O2O pattern, is the leading national Home Furnishing platform of electronic business affairs, business covers all areas Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 7 From China of the country. Colorful decorated home as Home Furnishing beauty industry the first O2O model advocates and promoters, based on summing up years of management experience on established colorful decorated home Beijing Brand Management Limited, colorful home decoration Shanghai i like Wholesale air max shoes Agel Ecommerce Ltd, colorful decorated home Lang Fangpei training buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online base. colorful decorated home with O2O Home Furnishing beauty integration service provider as a core concept, with ecommerce automation system perfect for support, and the establishment of many areas in the buy Wholesale air max shoes online national entities under the line store, to meet customer requirements for the localization of multi product Home Furnishing beauty. product system: i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes wall for new service series, custom art paint, wood repair series, wallpaper change new series, curtain series, replacing sand window replacement series, leather care series, air conditioning cleaning series, hood cleaning series, soft custom series, floor series, murals, craft jewelry series such as middot; middot; middot; middot; 2015 colorful decorated home around Home Furnishing beauty industry will be expanded to 100 categories of products, comprehensive coverage of family Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 11 From China life needs. The line will be built 1000 stores, online stores fully formed in place an order, place an order, place an order line phone, doortodoor buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online service, threeinone threedimensional closed loop mode. To provide customers with more flexible, more convenient, more intelligent service experience. Enterprise culture: business philosophy: customer satisfaction as the Guide

Digital television middleware 3H’s Egyptian song: from watch TV to use the tv magazine article Liu Yan request program

Digital television middleware 3H’s Egyptian song: from watch TV to buy Wholesale air max shoes online use the tv magazine article Liu Yan request program, singing Cara OK, check flight, lottery betting, stocks, pay utilities, i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes even hot online shopping also can realize easily through the operation of TV remote controller. Now, television can provide more uploading buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online and downloading bidirectional convenience of valueadded services. Xu Haihua’s goal is to mounted to the digital TV set top box, let the content provider provides the convenience of various valueadded services in the open platform, it will subvert the traditional watch TV concept, enhance the availability of television. Xu Haihua started to watch digital TV technology from 1997, established is a natural. digital television entertainment Xu Haihua has an indissoluble bound with the digital television technology. In 1997, he joined the company of meaning law semiconductor technology to do research and development, after the turn to do sales, is responsible for the whole European area market. The settop buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online box semiconductor chip supply the company accounted for 70% of the global Kids Air Jordan 5 KJ5011market share of digital TV chip. After this work for 6 years, when the mind law semiconductor undertakings at the bottleneck of the occasion, Xu Haihua was a headhunter to digital TV imaging group IBM as general manager, presided over the development and promotion of the interactive digital Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 7 From China TV overall solution. Xu Haihua in the Asian market shuttling back and forth on a business trip, Taipei area Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 5 From China intensive and rich vigor of small and medium enterprises will be ready every witness, my heart lit a strong entrepreneurial desire. 2003 years, with the digital television technology and advanced entrepreneurial passion, Xu Haihua embarked on a venture road. In Singapore Business Development Bureau 1000000 yuan of funds support, and Xu Haihua from Microsoft and Apple Corp’s other two partners founded in Singapore 3H Technology International Inc, mainly engaged in interactive digital television content development and IPTV Interactive TV network application. Xu Haihua put the business applications to digital VOD system KTV entertainment and hotel VOD VOD system. Surprisingly, only half a year, they occupy 70% of the market share in singapore. Although business development situation is smooth, but the limited capacity of Singapore only about 4000000 people in the digital TV business soon let their in saturated state. In order to break through the bottleneck of business, Xu Haihua began to consider the other target market moved to Singapore and abroad. After indepth study on the digital TV market in Thailand, i like Wholesale air max shoes Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, Xu Haihua finally decided to venture. This decision is the 2005 China nationwide digital conversion cable TV pilot policies start to let Xu Haihua see the hope, he decided to open up the domestic market has huge potential users 1200000000. After returning, they i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes also received funding from the city of Shanghai software enterprise innovation, the money may be insignificant for entrepreneurs, but psychologically Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 11 From China gives you the sea

lead: financing three squirrel $6000000

lead: financing three squirrel $6000000, Zhang Liaoyuan told reporters, with three main aims: to further improve the backend system, further improve the user experience, improve the productivity and the category expansion. Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 7 From China 7 month 4 i like Wholesale air max shoes days, online Internet nuts brand three squirrel completed $6000000 financing, fast carp first call the founder, he confirmed the news to reporters. as an electronic commerce observer, heard three squirrel of financing sources or i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes very surprised. 1, because this year the business to obtain financing is not much, especially the verticals; 2, three squirrel is Amoy brand started the business, can be, IDG two VC fancy, let a person really shocked A wheel Jingdong is capital today. IDG, still use Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 5 From China to say?. 3, because it is not independent of B2C, three squirrels can set up shop in Tmall, Jingdong such platform, no largescale to buy flow. And last year also has about 60000000 yuan revenue, earn some penny had no trouble. But also the founder of VCs, visible and not Xiaofu is installed i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes namely type. for financing the three squirrels $6000000, Zhang Liaoyuan told repoKids Air Jordan 5 KJ5010rters, the main purpose of three squirrels have three: further improve the backend system. We hope to benefit the internal organs do, improve the barrier, the future can go faster. Two ecommerce system mainly: front and rear. Front end refers to the page, activity promotion; the rear end of IT system, including storage, food R amp; D, production capacity. Electronic commerce, especially the three squirrels this small and beautiful electric, seemingly asset light, but still want to improve their own barriers, such as scale, storage etc Because the more things small and beautiful, more easy to copy the mode who can’t sell walnut on buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the Internet?, but the back end well, others to copy the difficulty will increase. If a few years later, three squirrels do the size of 10000000000, the national 10 points, has been able to complete the layout. Then even if someone wanted to get involved, but not going to build so many storage. Because these need time cost. to further enhance the user experience. In user experience, three squirrels do micro innovation a lot. Including: suitable for online shopping bag packaging, in the parcel attach eat walnuts tool Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 11 From China small, convenient user operation buy Wholesale air max shoes online But this is far from enough. At present, buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online Beijing a consumer in three squirrel to place an order, 34 days to receive. A warehouse in Beijing we in the second half of the year is completed, will greatly shorten the time. to improve the capacity and the category expansion. This year’s sales target is 200000000, the first half of the year has been completed about 70000000 yuan. To improve sales, we must first improve product yield. Processing link upstream and middle three squirrels do not involve the industry chain, but with the yield increase, need to find more cooperation manufacturers, the cash flow pressure obviously account. In addition, category expansion costs money, not only need to input in research and development R amp; D, taste, quality

vice president of force us science and technology product Chen was invited to attend the seventh session of Analysys Digital Marketing Summit

June 25th, vice president of force us I like adidas nizza hi top sale science and technology product Chen was invited to attend the seventh session of Analysys Digital Marketing Summit, and a theme to make a speech, to the participants about force us science and technology is how to carry out meticulous cultivation in mobile DSP. In recent years, the rapid development of mobile, mobile applications, mobile ecommerce, mobile phone games like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge. The first quarter of 2012, the mobile Internet market scale is 11000000000 yuan, the first quarter of 2014, the scale has been more than 33000000000 yuan, the same period compared with the growth rate of 200%. Along with the highspeed development of the industry is the main of the mobile marketing budget increase, expected application advertising platform market scale will reach 5000000000 in 2014. force us science and Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa technology as a focus on mobile marketing technology companies, stood in the mobile Internet this opening, with the development of the industry of homeopathic fly, launched China Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal first professional mobile DSP in 2013 September, for the vast number of advertisers to provide the best mobile marketing services. traffic integration pursue comprehensive data more accurate DSP is a relatively new concept, its core is the integration of multiple flow, through accurate orientation technology to help advertisers, efficient completion of the marketing demand. Different and advertising network, DSP only service to advertisers, do not have relations with the media, so there is no conflict of interest issues, together with the flow in diversity and accurate delivery on the advantages of DSP technology, so a launch, become warm and pursued by the advertiser. DSP is a pioneer in force the United States China Mobile DSP, early in the fall of 2013 launched Chinese first professional mobile DSP. As before, the power and beauty of DSP at home and abroad 9 ad trading platform for cooperation, processing bidding quantity more than 4000000000 day, covered include mobile phones and tablet, television, more than 600000000 sets of intelligent equipment, hundreds of advertising activity execution for advertisers successful advertising exposure times billions of. force beauty and third party DMP cooperation, the third party DMP to complement the information source is very good, let the user databases become more comprehensive and more accurate. advertising format innovation to meet the different needs of advertising formats are important factors which influence on the effect of. Because Banner advertising All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes format is small, the interaction form is single, put in effect unsatisfactory. So, force the United States to DSP this year began to force the ad format, introduced the MRAID rich media, screen, Stars like jeremy scott adidas native advertising novel forms of advertising, to meet the Lord in the advertisement demand advertising form and effect on. Force the United States to launch MRAID DSP is the earliest rich media ads on AdExchange DSP. MRAID rich media ads can be implemented using for mobile sensor by I like cheap jeremy scott adidas HTML5 and JavaScript, can achieve a shake, sliding, erase, drag and drop, blowing more Hyun function. In a sample of last year and Karl Lauder cooperation distribution activities, force the United States DSP using rich media ads in a short

cherry sweet canister Parkour 0 yuan rob

cherry sweet canister Parkour 0 yuan rob, McDonald’s began a new attempt in the Chinese O2O mode exploration. Beginning in September 24th, Baidu map of the McDonald’s logo side, appeared a pink ice cream, this is McDonald’s new cherry taste icecream cone tailored activities. from McDonald’s to provide data, this in the eleven holiday carried out 10 day event received more than 20000000 pageviews, about 500000 share, in social media, it received nearly 70000000 of the amount of reading, and boarded the Sina microblog search charts. LBS technology based on the marketing of strong support, LBS Location Based Services, the location service is the basic function of Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa a, it is considered to be the marketing tool: through personal preference data user diet, consumption of the collection, not only can know exactly who is a consumer, and precise positioning of where they are, behind the turbulent flow there is a huge commercial value. this is not a simple new listing promotion, cherry sweet canister as unique McDonald’s new, push technology and I like cheap jeremy scott adidas location precision of All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes LBS, novel and interesting creative Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal activity, the combination of the three unique tipping point, completed a LBS based O2O precision marketing. The innovation of marketing experiments show that, the businessman is time to in various mobile terminal platform to establish connections with consumers. personalized thinking, create new gameplay marketing O2O is a big market, hotels, shops, restaurants, cinemas various traditional businesses in which. McDonald’s is the representative I like adidas nizza hi top sale of the traditional enterprise in fast food restaurants, fast food restaurants represent convenient, in the mobile Internet era how to make use of the convenient conditions, with the new technology more convenient to enhance brand image, strengthen the communication with consumers and market awareness, promote the sales of the products? McDonald’s China disclosed to reporters, the launch of new Stars like jeremy scott adidas oriental cherry limit cone, is mainly and push technology of O2O to create interactive experience by intelligent positioning map in App, let this line of products are more line and a movable contact point. In the O2O market, the brand should use technology to understand the needs of consumers, individuation is the core and key of integrated marketing, have a comprehensive observation, understanding, insight into consumer, then individual choice. McDonald’s through the LBS data to gain insight into the potential demand, analysis, found that capture the potential demand of consumers, consumers tailored based on. new product launch publicity effect. Sakura cylinder in large McDonald’s products system may only be non conventional single product, so in the marketing promotion is not suitable for large coverage of commercial television advertising. While the mobile terminal activity fast light is more suitable for such products. Location map products and push technology has brought significant effect, one is the trigger point precision: when consumers in McDonald’s dessert station distance of 3 km range, will

the Hang Seng electronic suspension for thirteenth trading days

11 18, the Hang Seng electronic suspension for thirteenth trading days. the night of November 17th the company to disclose the important business cooperation matters relating to the holding subsidiary company, Shanghai’s Hang Seng Juyuan Marketing Data Services Ltd hereinafter referred to as the source data together to the main business field, to be with the partner business cooperation information, and plans to gather source number according to the introduction of important strategic partner. long ago on the 10 day, the Hang Seng electronic just notice, to be with the Chinese financing Guarantee Corporation the insured, ant gold suit, Windham, Ningbo investment Beijing Yingfeng investment agreement signed jointly initiated the establishment of Zhejiang Santan Financial Information Service Co ltd. Chairman of board of directors in after the Hang Seng electronic movement again and again, exactly how Ma brewing in the game? Alibaba insiders told reporters, the formation of Santan financial is Ma Yun’s credit ecological theory strategic step I like cheap jeremy scott adidas towards. Three support the main point is that the capital flow, logistics and information flow, capital flow and logistics are formed with ants gold suit and rookie logistics network formed the financial information flow end, the future or will carry the flag from Santan financial leading. analytic personage points out, as the mass user financial entrance, ant gold suit open platform formation is expected to flow into, Santan in financial, financial data analysis, plays an important role in the construction of Ali credit system etc in this regard, the Hang Seng electronics is not willing to grant more mentioned, only said Three Pools Mirroring the financial main All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes business location Stars like jeremy scott adidas is in the financial field, and hope to become a member of the financial ecological circle, the stage is in the lead, and later to the announcement will follow the progress of. Jack Ma Control Santan financial obviously, this is Ma Yun one of new chess. The proportion of shares and shareholders in combing the visible clue. The announcement, initial registered capital of three financial 50000000 yuan, a total of 50000000 new shares issued. Where the insured to subscribe for 15500000 shares, the total share capital of 31%; ant gold suit to subscribe for 12500000 shares, the total share capital of 25%; Hang Seng electronic subscription of 10875000 shares, accounting for 21.75% of the total share capital. addition, the Milky way investment, Yingfeng investment subscribed 7250000 shares and 3875000 shares, the total share capital of 14.5% and 7.75%. Among them, the insured, the ant gold suit, Windham Investment Department Hundsun Electronics Association legal person, constitute a I like adidas nizza hi top sale connected transaction of common investment. reporter has access to business information display, the date of the establishment of Yingfeng investment for October 24, 2014, the natural person shareholders include Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa Liu Zhixiu and Wu Zhigang. Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal and another shared Santan financial investment management institutions you Yunhan investment, its corporate enterprises including Hangzhou Yunhui Cci Capital Ltd and the Hang Seng electronic, natural person Peng Zhenggang, Liu Shufeng

Chinese online games over the past ten years

Chinese online games over the past ten years, Webpage game has I like cheap jeremy scott adidas gone through three years in the domestic. In 2009 Webpage game market size accounted for the overall market scale of game 3.3%, the market scale is 860000000 yuan, in 2008 yearonyear growth of 91.1%. Webpage game number from 2008 at the end of the 263 paragraph of rapid growth to 2009 at the end of paragraph 516, the launch is much faster than the MMORPG game. A new trend has been gradually forming, there have been a few enterprises to All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes go I like adidas nizza hi top sale to the front section of the industry. But it is precisely because of the highend technology is in the hands of a few manufacturers hands, the product homogeneity problems appeared in the market, also accelerated the industry reshuffle. since 07 years Webpage game rise in the domestic market, some enterprises in order to quickly capture the market, with the simple concept quickly created a group of Guessing Jianghu martial arts as the theme Stars like jeremy scott adidas and a simple game products. 07 years, world Travian text type, text chat room as half half cat travels, the sword arena, before this sensational play the scene class such as cola hall, dream home. These games can be said that at that time is relatively good Webpage game. 08 years Webpage game market began to extend MMO model, have to follow the traditional game, the traditional Daguai upgrade, routine. It is also in encouraging this model, many enterprises have entered into a Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal dead end. Although the successful launch several very popular game, but this is only a beginning, webpage game market are not limited to workers, along with FLASH and Java technology promotion. I believe there will be more and more, more classic than the network game to appear. now because many game market homogenization and Shanzhai problems, many games have entered a development bottleneck period, each webpage game manufacturers in the production line of a similar game, let the whole development into lag. However, from the current whole webpage game industry to see many Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa enterprises seem to regard webpage game as a money making tool. After hastily made line, short service life, easy to play, it is easy for users to generate cheated feelings. with the development of web games and mature, endless web games core technology, if give up this technology to imitate the end products or SNS products, is undoubtedly the show they were less in catching up with others. Guangzhou Baiyou Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd. department monthly income of nearly 10 million, why they can do this revenue? Guangzhou Baiyou Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd. Department of a single product will be the image of the enterprise throughout the industry, mainly because of their intentions to do the products. the past two years, booming development, web games and gradually known by some audience acceptance and love, is the inevitable product of the development of browser technology. The development of technology for Web Games

Farewell Wu Hong text I am looking at Wu Wang go

Farewell Wu Hong text I am looking at Wu Wang go. His cold hands, reminds me of the i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes hot summer. 1997 year in August, when my body in Western dress and leather shoes entered the room is not airconditioned office, can not imagine that the first advertised leading highend consumer fashion Chinese magazine, is perched on the narrow shabby courtyard. Wu Hong at the time, they had just suffered a first Waterloo entrepreneurial journey and a French major suit fashion magazine cooperation because someone don’t understand China conditions by the national supervision department emergency stop, even the fashion magazine itself is on the verge of closure of danger. However, this young team does not seem depressed upset, although there are in the wrong anxiety, but also inspire refused to admit defeat stubborn and excitement. Perhaps the hot weather also improved my enthusiasm, let me make a commitment to cooperation with them. The first suggestion that I give actually is to persuade the subsistence has not yet out of poverty, is filled with ambition hard pioneering new media, moved into the COFCO Plaza, and group IDG neighbor. Fresh I will be wKids Jordan Spizike KJS011orking from the Harvard Business School had just learned of the speculation buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online is now selling: firstclass working environment in order to attract the best talent. Moreover, as a highend consumer fashion media, you must establish a sense buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of trust in the most basic partners and intimacy, establish an equal dialogue business the day I discussed, then laid the mode of cooperation between us: my task is to absorb foreign experience and characteristics, compares the Western moon, draw a round full of tempting cakes; and Wu Honghe Liu Jiang always quickly get it by heart, intelligent natural talent and hard work in their hand magic, the rough outline of the paper cake will eventually become meet Chinese fashion desire spiritual food, fresh and hot, delicious. So, fashion from a magazine originally, grow into a large media group owns or manages i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes 17 publication. good at calligraphy Wu Hong once in office hung a banner to temper the fashion group’s management style: attention to detail, the pursuit of excellence, leading the trend. I saw, i like Wholesale air max shoes ask him to take the three sentences in turn write again to me. Wholesale Cheap Kids Jordan Spizike Shoes From China I explained, perhaps an editor of fashion magazine, the most important ethics is attention to detail, buy Wholesale air max shoes online start small, to the details of the perfect, not Yangaoshoudi, shoddy; but as a manager, you should take a wider view, Takaya Ken, to lead the trend of real mission. Wu Wang really wrote it again leading the trend, the pursuit of excellence, attention to detail, since then, this piece of the scroll Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 4 Shoes From China has been hanging in my office. I am talking nonsense, but Wu Hong but heart, later many times public speech Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 1 Shoes From China and press interviews, I have heard him repeatedly stressed the fashion leading the trend, the creation of fashion ideas; at the same time, in the future our business cooperation and again in the discussion, I also pleasantly surprised to find that Wu Hong’s vision is gradually expanding to the new media, film and television Wu Hong

Avoid cold visitAuthor: Barry Farber in business communication

Avoid cold visitAuthor: Barry Farber buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online in business communication, the first initiative to met and talked to customers call, usually call cold call Cold Call. Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 1 Shoes From China You can seldom met that like to accept unfamiliar telephone communication, because of the need to hard to each other and to enter into a kind of buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online effective communication state. Therefore, the marketing personnel wants to have some alternative approaches, here are some simple ideas, tell you what to do with the customers heat up. took hold of every chance to show enterprise business opportunities can be in any place to jump out. For example, in some commercial exhibition, you not only see i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes hundreds of companies to participate in the exhibition, the basic situation of the property industry, the company and other business information are displayed in front of you, you can find some useful information to you. To the company’s people to show their identity, and asked some of the questions you want to ask. Listen to these companies or manufacturers is how to develop the business of the company. Meet each and every one of you think there are opportunities for cooperation of business partners, have to do a lot of notes, recording some of the important. So, when you are in the later of Kids Jordan Spizike KJS01the enterprise when follow up, you can say the key information of potential customers, so as to quickly enter the theme. as a good listener in business communication, sometimes, the other party has a few minutes to talk to others, we still kept telling myself now doing something. If you are in such a manner as to do sales, so enthusiastic dialogue this time will soon turn cold. When you participate in the communicative activities, dinner, golf or outing, you should timely stop complaining, and began to listen to the people i like Wholesale air max shoes around to talk, know what they are doing. Do it easy to make people a good impression on you, because someone feel that you have the interest and attention on him, so you can more easily communicate with their warm. i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes buy Wholesale air max shoes online you build customer group a great sales staff will continue to follow up on each client, and always keep in touch. When the products have been sold or customers for their services are no longer required, they will be willing to take the time to ensure that the user and open communication. This will ensure that won’t because of long time communication caused by cold visit. The new business will often come from has ended service relationship with your customers. Once your products or services have been delivered to your customers, you should do the Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 4 Shoes From China following work: ask what time is convenient to contact them, or take the initiative to provide useful Wholesale Cheap Kids Jordan Spizike Shoes From China methods to help your customers to carry out business, so you have to do things to make sure you follow the promise has been realized. These activities will help you build and customer and when you introduce some new products or want customers to help recommend new products, they will be very warm. Do your homework before the visit of

Baidu box magazine article He Baorong 8 month 18 days

Baidu box magazine Wholesale Cheap Kids Jordan Spizike Shoes From China article He Baorong 8 month 18 days, the scene of 2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference overcrowding, many people had to stand in the back. Chairman and CEO Baidu at first Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 4 Shoes From China announced the idea of Box Computing platform. according to the man, Baidu box in the Internet optional range according to the user demand for automatic matching application and best service, making the box with typical characteristics of the operating system, windows operating system as Microsoft, application software running Office, browser, antivirus software and other variety can. At present, the dictionary, calculator, calendar and other simple application has been through Baidu box directly run, video, antivirus, games, shopping and other Internet applications i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes in recent years are likely i like Wholesale air max shoes to be box directly start. This can not help reminiscent of Google’s cloud. In recent years, Google have been talking about the cloud computing, to all applications on the server. Google attempts to use the network services, as free as a selling point, let the user gradually from its dependence on Microsoft operating system. InKids Jordan Spizike KJS016 the past the most important user to the operating system dependent, is actually dependent on application software, install the operating system must be installed again after Microsoft, many software applications, Microsoft successful to build the ecological chain, there are many software development company around here. and Baidu Box Computing platform emphasizes openness, encourage technological innovation, encourage meet the needs of users of the new technology, new application and Box Computing docking buy Wholesale air max shoes online platform. This and the Google under the banner of cloud computing banner, completely open Android, Chrome platform, encouraging the use of service providers and technology developers to join, hope will evolve into various application network applications have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, wonderful and win the support of application software in can. so far, a lot of application service provider i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes or around the Microsoft operating system development and application of Google software, even if buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online hastily launched the new operating system, it is hard to get the support of application software, operating system buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online is useless. So, the Wholesale Cheap Kids Air Jordan 1 Shoes From China first step of Google is talking about the cloud computing, an attempt to all applications gradually evolved into a network application, if successful, equivalent to start these applications through the browser can. Although, cloud computing mainly emphasizes the backend infrastructure configuration, and Box Computing more emphasis on the frontend satisfies the user’s needs and response, but demand is similar, the same. Robin Li said, Box Computing platform box, is no longer a simple user interface, also is not a search box. For users, Box Computing means that the Google cloud computing the background and Microsoft desktop operating system. This also proves that the legend is not weakness lends wings to rumours. Box Computing is intended to provide a onestop network services for users, is in fact the Microsoft, Google is striving direction. in the direction of the development, Baidu late, but it