there is no doubt that the mobile games as mobile Internet in money from the recent outbreak in the mobile internet field

there is no doubt that the mobile games as mobile Internet in money from the recent outbreak in the buy Wholesale air max shoes online mobile internet field, the past few years have ushered in the new development starting point. According to the understanding of the game who, only the first half of 2014, China’s mobile game market sales income 12520000000 yuan, grow 394.9% compared to the same period, the market share of 25.2%, year on year growth of 17.7% grades, can let countless mobile game practitioners feel proud, also make other industry practitioners envy. but so in tour market unpopular situation, the smart phone development status from the incremental to stock replacement, will hinder the tour market in a certain extent, continue to i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes maintain the development trend so rapid, widespread industry quick money mentality will become the biggest hidden danger of the whole market development. game market continued unpopular tour market size throughout the year or over 25000000000 game is one of the most popular areas, along with the PC Internet and mobile Internet continuous integration, various forms of amusement, end game content page Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 System MC Men From China tour, tour etc., fill in the consumer’s i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes life, in the whole Internet uMens Kobe Bryant 8 System MC MKB8SMC04ser scale increased, game market also continued to maintain a hot, highly attention. sustained and rapid development of the game market, has brought more opportunities for practitioners. In the mobile Mobile Games is currently the most rapid field for the game market growth, the market will also appear more in the mobile Mobile Games achievement extraordinary listing Corporation, mobile Mobile Games will become a sub field of income game market in the largest, in 2014 the annual market size or to be over 25000000000. look cool tour market opportunities to make quick money attitude will become a great hidden danger of The current will reach 25000000000 in the size of the market, the rapid development of the new team and new media, Mobile Games field, so many practitioners see hope, but Wholesale Cheap Lebron James Shoes From China to enter the Mobile Games market, and establish their own strong advantage position in the Mobile Games market, and no imagination of so simple, what do what make fire fast money at buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Mobile Games mentality has become a major risk for the development of the industry. buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online tour market growth will slow down in the fierce market competition, tour of the hand in the rapid development of tour market, smart phone replacement Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes Men From China function of the mobile phone; literature, movies, television, animation and other cultural fields and tour industry is more and more close; development of high speed network mobile home, is the tour market in recent years the growth rate of the main three factors. with the intelligent mobile phone gradually i like Wholesale air max shoes from the incremental state switching stock replacement status, development of intelligent mobile phone slowdown will also affect the Mobile Games market. Fortunately, with the increasing cooperation between the cultural boundaries, development can continue to promote the tour industry. But the incentives for Smartphone growth as the tour market directly erupted, once the market growth started to slow down, tour industry still have to keep today’s growth is also very difficult, especially in the tour industry, there are a lot of quick money, live fast, die

has such a joke

has such a joke, with the goddess to ask questions, the goddess of all day back, threw a 2 pieces of money in red envelopes in the past, look after 10 seconds, a red envelope has been received. This is WeChat red charm. since January 26, 2014, quietly online, WeChat red became popular quickly in the circle of friends, the extent of their hot, no less than the previous game. According to official statistics, from New Year’s Eve to the eighth of the fourth month, over 8000000 users participated Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa in the activities of more than 40000000 grab a red envelope, a red envelope is received, the average person robbed 45 red. sparse robbed a year, on the 25 day, WeChat team has finally released the officially announced for merchants to open WeChat red envelopes of cash application, as long as the merchant opened WeChat payment, can apply for to access cash red bag. Obviously, WeChat like in the Spring Festival of 2015 before, do a big. this will push the line of business of a new round of marketing strategy, as between merchants and customers to establish barrier free connection, increase the interactive. The official statement WeChat is, WeChat cash red bag end after access to B, Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal WeChat envelope Stars like jeremy scott adidas will be funding from C2C model is extended to B2B and C2C coexistence mode. In the official view, WeChat red envelopes is not only a red envelope, or to provoke friends among the competing desire, continue to stimulate the user interest All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes points of the game. At the same time, businesses through WeChat red envelopes, bypassing the award process complicated traditional marketing activities, users receive red packets immediately after the bonus account, maximize their mental satisfaction. but the problem comes, from person to person, now businesses in the individual, WeChat why this time choose to open interface? hand is said to have WeChat payment application scenarios requiring more. Although WeChat red scene unique enough, in ascending WeChat payment convenience and additional gameplay and social attribute, indicates the direction of the future mobile payment competition, but it is only a single application scenario cannot be sustainable. on the other hand, WeChat need to find some way to keep the existing WeChat paid users. In WeChat ecosystems, as the key link through the line, WeChat payments were high hopes. Experienced in software, taxi money, WeChat red after the boom, although bound to bank cards and use of WeChat payment users of digital and rapid growth, but how to keep the number of WeChat payment users, WeChat obviously still I like adidas nizza hi top sale need a definite answer. in addition, through the social attribute of accumulated user habits, WeChat has achieved victory in the foundation paid links, but WeChat payment is still not shaken that electric business, that said in an interview, I I like cheap jeremy scott adidas think WeChat is a good card, but broke. Although Ma did not know how to see this move WeChat red open businesses, but for WeChat, the platform of the promise is fulfilled. WeChat said, without the need for complicated application process, companies can develop according to the capacity and

WeChat official yesterday afternoon a fault occurs

WeChat official yesterday afternoon a fault occurs, the user information cannot be forwarded. About four thirty in the afternoon, the user begins to reflect. About 1.5 hours later, WeChat official has made the response, to a humorous language. Last August 19th fault, the official response lag only 15 minutes. Last July I like adidas nizza hi top sale 22nd the fault, the official response lag of 3 hours. even a delay of 15 minutes, for a number of active users has reached 438000000 as of the end of official data Q2 platform, should also be considered unqualified. You know, this time, international news agency has two general response, ha ha. if it relates to WeChat public event itself, the WeChat public opinion monitoring and response official is too bad. Compared to microblog Sina, WeChat circle property has Stars like jeremy scott adidas stronger. But its semi closed, covering less on the communication of public events, emergency. Sina microblog year rise, it is thanks to the public event propagation, especially the Wenzhou train crash. 3 failure of two years, although not what the real harm, but if WeChat by some potential risk factors by means of technology penetration, kidnapping, the official response should be said to fail. WeChat has now embarked on the process of commercialization, relates to the Internet financial, future risk effect may be amplified. at least on the surface, we have yet to feel the WeChat such problems seriously. Its response time lag, and more interestingly, the wording of its response, it was revealed a drunby temperament. if you combine WeChat risk clause analysis of origin, maybe you can understand this kind of temperament: basic rights are owned by it, the risk is all users, point out the matter, don’t worry about I like cheap jeremy scott adidas anything. fault response: loaded to force the text lets us have a look for more than a year 3 failures and official response text. Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa 1, the first time. In WeChat draft after 3 hours, Tencent WeChat team 9:30 on the All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes same day issued a notice: because the server based network fault, WeChat your temporary problems may appear transceiver. We are working hard to restore, please wait patiently small main. hard one word, it is very hard. But, have lagged behind 3 hours, before the issue of the basic response, this shows that the public dissemination of official WeChat itself is not a system. 2013 is WeChat explosive growth period, not hard certainly not. The word also revealed a complacent. After all, is a great company of men. little master one word, has been behind the TV plays a period of 1 years, apparently posted is still lingering, taking into Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal account the 90 to accept new things quickly, rejected quickly, hair post person should be older. WeChat for language manipulation is often with the identity of the contrast. After , official confirmation, cable for the Shanghai municipal Waduan, light induced Tencent affected in Shanghai Pudong New Area Zhoupu room, service interruption. The 2, in August 19th last year, the public as early as twentytwo forty reflected, the official minutes have responded, but

2324 October

2324 October, sponsored by the 2014 Shanghai Airui Marketing Summit held in the Kerry Hotel Pudong. As Ereli annual summit of the third stations, 2014 Shanghai iResearch Internet Marketing Summit a continuation of the previous Beijing, Shenzhen two summit guard is surprising? Fusion innovation theme, with as the breakthrough point, many in the industry heavyweight guests invited to share marketing case and experience, to explore the reform and innovation of the Internet marketing to feel the pulse of the new economic era, the Internet marketing. the following is Yonghong technology channel cooperation deputy general manager Wang Tong accepts Airui net memoir of special interview: anchor: Hello, welcome to Ai Rui Shanghai summit. In fact, we know that Yong Hong technology breaks through the many technical Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal challenges, become the visual data currently relatively leading enterprise analysis. And for many domestic enterprises, still stuck in the concept level, you think, this kind of enterprise should be how to change the idea of the Wang Tong: many of the traditional enterprise is like what you said just now is in a period of waiting, because we used to do data analysis cost is too high, no matter the cost of money or into the learning cost, or in the middle of flowers of human time cost, these are very high. This has resulted Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa in many traditional enterprises do not dare to try to do such a thing situation. We used iterative trial and error cost is actually relatively high, the way we want to have a better now, so that the majority I like cheap jeremy scott adidas of enterprises are in a relatively low cost, very fast into the process of data analysis, realize the data bring them value. Wing Hung things threshold data analysis and iterative cycle costs continue to reduce, low to the previous 110 or even lower, can let more enterprises in the age of big data which join in. anchor: you just said that to reduce the cost, you mean from a very fundamental level to enter, how to enter what good share? Wang Tong: to reduce the cost and not only reduce the cost but learning cost, time cost, manpower cost are reduced, many enterprises when doing the analysis, a start is to do a large and very perfect analysis, but an analysis of this, for example, I want to see what index, want to see what data report, actually very difficult time together by the customer or think clearly, it will cause them constantly comb demand, continue to do consulting research, but this thing has been unable to start. All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes The Internet now provides I like adidas nizza hi top sale iterative approach, is I no matter large and all things is what, I began to do it, I think I first began to put the several indexes of several data out, then the day watching, along with the data user volume continued to Stars like jeremy scott adidas rise, will naturally produce more ideas, that I may want to switch to a different view, different indicators to see, find the reasons of these problems, the nature will enrich and perfect the analysis process

2014 years of rumors about the Internet financial supervision has never stopped

2014 years of rumors about the Internet financial supervision has never stopped, net buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online credit platform bad news came from time to time, large capital Ali, Lenovo is added gradually, the Internet financial industry competition increasingly fierce. Now many platforms, look All flowers bloom together., but can have the last laugh become i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes bosses, perhaps not a few. in the foregone conclusion before, each platform still struggle with respite. Pull wind to cast, is undoubtedly the most important opportunities the Internet financial Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men From China company. 2014, the Internet financial circle in the investment and financing is very lively, net credit platform and the Internet financial information services platform for the most popular venture capital mechanism. third party payment long past; virtual currency future uncertain, there are policy risk; crowdfunding still be just unfolding in China, crowdfunding website in succession transition intelligent hardware presale site, busy to all the plan Venture capital company, run quickly, has completed the C round of investment, and plan to get listed, A round of investment brother who also followed. the amount of financing the largest pterosaur credit, rumors of 1000000000 2014, a total of 35 domestic net credit platform vc investments, which is the largest pterosaur credit. Internal sources, in early 11, Legend Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women From China Holdings investment strategy pterosaur credit 1000000000 yuaMens Kobe Bryant Olympic MKBOP08n, Legend Holdings investment strategy senior director Mao Xiangqian served as president of pterosaur pterosaur i like Wholesale air max shoes credit, loan to Wang Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men From China Sicong continue to serve as chairman of the board. but the relevant sources, Legend Holdings investment and did not reach the rumors of 1000000000, the maximum amount of not more than 700000000. Rumors legend opened the conditions are also quite demanding, the two sides may have signed the agreement on gambling, relates to the stipulated every year transaction volume, the rate of bad debts. Lenovo generous investment P2P platform message in early September came in, we eagerly when, Legend Holdings Association Star Investment P2P platform network silver beans ten million. The one billion is not a voice. Two months after the money is expected to give a pterosaur credit. So the scandal were justified, buy Wholesale air max shoes online no It is without rhyme or reason. ambiguous. Association in the field of Internet Financial layout is very clear, in August, Lenovo injecting $fifty million group under the Jun Lian capital is mobile Internet integrated financial trading platform copper street, then the net credit investment exchange portal community packing credit into the tens of millions of dollars, and investment silver beans net ten million. Lenovo march in a largescale Internet financial, is nothing more than for their own buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online use, Lenovo agriculture related enterprises under the core position in a number of areas, the Internet Financial can help Lenovo on the industrial chain of small and medium sized enterprises to break the bottleneck of funds. The Pteranodon credit target customer group is a farmer, for the rural market, just as with large agricultural industry associations meaning. P2P net loan at the higher cost of rural i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes market cultivation and education rules, but the market coverage is not high, at the same time, the traditional local small and mediumsized banks and rural credit cooperatives in rural areas of the financial service penetration rate is not high, the rural market has great development space. Development of Internet finance will be more vertical, into the industrial chain

December 6th news

December 6th news, Internet business transformation in the base finally clear. China Mobile president yesterday in an interview with Sohu IT said, China Mobile will according to the different situation to build specialized companies own, not all put in a basket. China Company will be formally established buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online in the next year, the other base business will according to the different situation to buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online merge or separate establishment, not to consider the stock diversification problems. will launch the own brand for China Mobile, Li Yue explanation says, China Mobile next year in Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men From China addition to launch its own brand of intelligent mobile phone, will own brand Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men From China Pad terminal products, and even some parts will be listed for sale. Li Yue also said, China Mobile is planning a brand new terminal, will be launched next together. China Mobile base business fully professional company in transition section will be combined with the China i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Mobile was a pioneer of the base business, in the face of the Internet enterprise to the traditional telecom operators business impact, China Mobile successively in the layout of the national nine Internet business base is located inMens Kobe Bryant Olympic MKBOP07 Sichuan are: mobile phone music base, located in Shanghai’s mobile phone video base, located in the location service base located in Hunan, Liaoning, located in the base Guangdong Internet base, located in buy Wholesale air max shoes online Hangzhou’s mobile phone reading base, and 12580 base complex in Jiangsu, Fujian Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women From China based mobile phone animation base, located in the Chongqing base of the Internet of things. With the advantage of polymerization China Mobile base business formation, especially the case effect brought about by the rapid development of mobile phone music base. China Telecom and China followed suit in the nationwide distribution of varying amounts of Internet business base. But in recent years, with the rapid growth of base operations at the same time also gradually exposed some drawbacks such as bag, the examination and approval of the over concentration of power, excessive dependence on KPI assessment caused false growth, and between the group and the provincial company management problems. from i like Wholesale air max shoes the beginning of the end of 2011, the rapid development of the domestic intelligent terminal and the rapid popularization of mobile Internet industry rapidly changing domestic industry status, it will further the three most operators tepid base business to the awkward position. in the face of development China Telecom first started in the base of i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes business transformation, at present its Tianyi video, love games, Tianyi reading business have been declared Independent Company operation. General manager of China Unicom China product innovation department Li Hongwu accept Sohu IT interview last week said open and transformation will accelerate base business. China Mobile also from Li Yue as president, on the one hand, adjust the traditional base of business, on the other hand, accelerate the establishment of a professional company. In November last year, China Company was founded in Beijing, since then China Mobile has set up a financial company, international companies, government and enterprise company, this is seen as a China Mobile to the mode change of vertical management professional in the industry. for China Mobile base business the next step adjustment, before the industry reports,

In January 20th 2015

In January 20th 2015, SPI sun power energy company held a conference in Beijing Chinese Hotel, the company chairman Peng Xiaofeng together hand in hand with guests, staff and users, officially launched the sunshine power energy i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Internet platform to the public, lease financing products and focus in the field of solar energy on the line of green treasure. Counselor of the State Council Shi Dinghuan, energy group leaders, Xinxing Group leaders attended this conference, and to green treasure listed and sun power line to congratulate the chairman Peng Xiaofeng. in the buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online green treasure listed and sunshine power platform online conference, Peng Xiaofeng chairman of the board to be guests to show fusion solar and Internet depth innovative products green treasure. As an investor and solar power generation enterprise winwin cooperation products, to provide investors with safe, flexible, robust, and the attributes of public financing leasing products, green treasure as investors wealth management, is committed to the investor’s wealth management services, the realization of the value of assets, valueadded, namely green treasure by the energy Internet ecommerce platform sun power, in the provision of fixed income at the same Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men From China time, foMens Kobe Bryant Olympic MKBOP01r i like Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes every public investors will also for every ordinary buy Wholesale Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online people have created directly involved in solar power production opportunity to fight the haze, to restore the blue sky, protect the buy Wholesale air max shoes online earth’s environment to produce good ecological benefits, so that everyone be producers and harvest solar energy the. SPI company was established in 2005 in the United States of California, 2007 listed in the United Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant 8 Playoffs Shoes Men From China States is committed to the application of solar energy photovoltaic energy Internet Co, in January 14, 2015, SPI global operations headquarters in Shanghai. Sunshine power of Internet platform is SPI to create the energy production and consumption of ecological system, aimed at the use of Internet technology, let everybody can become a producer and the harvest solar energy. Green treasure SPI for $99990000 to build, focus on green energy field, in lease financing business based energy Internet financial company. Introduced a Wholesale Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women From China kind of financing lease beautiful orange and orange series of products by the sunlight power platform, it for every mass and solar power generation enterprises to build a bridge to a winwin cooperation, let everybody realize the rental sunshine, saving the future dream. i like Wholesale air max shoes in the conference, the chairman Peng Xiaofeng thanks to all sectors of society to the sun SPI power energy Internet platform and the Lv Nengbao of the concern and support, said in the transformation of energy consumption structure and the environment increasingly challenging background, disruptive change SPI to realize the Internet for solar energy production and consumption brought about by. He recalled two years ago to write their ideas: in recent years, the development of solar energy and the Internet is changing all this. Their use is free, fair, resources are inexhaustible. In order to green low carbon home our children can live in the blue sky with white clouds, solar energy and the Internet is our time resource use only, they will completely change the mode of production and living of mankind. today, green treasure and sunshine dynamic

Transboundary easy and difficult to succeed celebrity to dream and feelings play crossborder and no problem

Transboundary easy and difficult to succeed celebrity to dream and feelings play crossborder and no problem, but homebred mobile phone so well done? In the hammer mobile phone conference, Luo Yonghao such as performing stand up comedy as his audience bursting point. But according to the scene audience feedback, when talking about the mobile phone processor, operating system, display and photographic technology specific technical details, old even read the text slides technology introduction some stammer. hammer mobile phone after publication, industrial design, raw material supply problems lead to production line yield unrealistically low, order quantity limit small lead assembly workers lack of enthusiasm These problems are making is still in the workshop production line of mobile phone questioned the hammer. for the old, the most miserable is, in Lei Jun’s eyes, even didn’t have a hammer as millet mobile phone mobile phone rivals this is not a rely on nothing more than taking to the success of the industry. A telecom analyst Ceng Tao says. Therefore, return to the most basic question everyone was scrambling to do mobile phone, but how can we do? I like adidas nizza hi top sale from the product itself, every business people want to own product is All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes a shortlived business, and create a good reputation needs the product itself has the excellent quality. Although the mobile phone of the I like cheap jeremy scott adidas threshold is not high, there is a core component of off the shelf and the maturity of the manufacturer, but for developers, and not to be the design drawings and configuration requirements for manufacturers can throw. The details of each input, to the quality of the control are of vital importance, and often a lot of domestic mobile phone developers aren’t willing to waste their time and money to think Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa about these issues, this is also the domestic mobile phone very difficult to reason iPhone this phenomenon grade products. Luo Yonghao claims to have a craftsman’s spirit, it is the return of capacity degradation, mobile phone ticket, a hand that the mobile phone product does not want to do, on the other hand also proved that the developers of some of the details of the control is not so handy. Just to hammer Wang Ziru mobile phone evaluation results expose the truth developers Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal demanding perfection is just wishful thinking, no wonder so old as the ceiling. from the marketing point of view , celebrity crossover is the lack of a gimmick, especially have a glib tongue, good talk show celebrity. Just a conference let Luo Yonghao make a lot of fans and the eyeball, hammer presale transcripts did brisk mobile phone. Wang Zijian just to do a mobile phone microblog issued, flowers and brick fly together, to Stars like jeremy scott adidas secure him firmly on the science and technology circles headlines. however, marketing is only a means, really have the right to speak is the user experience. As Liu Zuohu said, marketing speculation in accepting Ereli network interview, can let you run a little faster; I will not engage in marketing, I ran a little slower, but can lay a good foundation.

in the case of almost no preheat publicity

in the case of almost no preheat publicity, retained the next day the game reached 3%, there is no suspense to become English Market Annual biggest dark horse, in Webpage Game market at the end of 2014 the running, buried under English page tour market in 2015 a bomb. after I like adidas nizza hi top sale all, launch a new game on Christmas day, not every dares to try things. as everyone knows, Christmas is one of the most important festivals in Europe and America area. When the degree of public concern and the spending power of the market is widely and holiday away, this time I like cheap jeremy scott adidas often becomes the game operators in a year in the Stars like jeremy scott adidas most difficult period of time. so the 37 game select online game on Christmas day, to an outsider, is an irrational behavior, but from the current view of the operation data of the game, they are clearly prepared to dare to fight this tough battle. is in 2014 the domestic hot Webpage Game to attack cities and capture territories of the English version, the domestic version for up to 18 months Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal after revenue continues to increase in the national beta operation. President Li Yifei has said the 37 game, very good to attack cities and capture territories life cycle and the subsequent explosive force. The made in English market opening red, more from the 37 game in the overseas operation which shows the confidence and ruthless strength. review will development in overseas 37 game discovery, this company has more than once with its amazing performance shock us. As of last year, 37 games influence in overseas markets have become one of the most popular overseas game player Chinese game business. In South Korea and Thailand, 37 games with high market share has been firmly occupy the first position of the platform market; All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes in Taiwan, the strategic cooperation platform GM99 also occupy the largest share of the market. 37 games in recent years made several Asian market, with almost swept the storm speed boarded the local leading position. While Europe and the United States market force storage for nearly a year, now greeted erupt, is expected in the things. has 37 game say 2015 will be Webpage Game industry Gen Gi Khan, across Eurasia, it is no exaggeration to say that. The 37 game is really in the already arrived at the Rhine, the landing to france. And English market layout, is from the late 13 project preparation, its investment is large, which lasted long, far more than any one market 37 game done. The in recent years and 37 games worked over R amp; D companies were also spotted the huge potential market in Europe and America, many of whom have business focus shifted to Europe and the United States market, allocation of work and 37 Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa game synchronous opening international teams. from research to operations are equipped with international talents, the 37 game came to Europe and America market, also means that a new situation in Europe and the United States market is breeding. is now 37 games overseas office area is like the United Nations in the game, different color staff said every language shuttle in the office area,

as the fifth batch of virtual operators license issuance

as the fifth batch of virtual operators license issuance, Chinese virtual operator family become further large enterprises, covering several areas of home Buy jeremy scott forum heavy metal appliances, games, video, clothing and so on, but the competition is also growing. In 2015, the virtual operators or life and death. after a year of development, virtual operators have gradually explore the development strategy and business mode of travel of alienation, diversification of product design, diversified service channel and allowing more profits and other characteristics, is the fundamental of private communication operators to win customers, and this also is the basic operators can not match. The interconnection of Su Ning, deputy general manager All both like adidas jeremy scott shoes Wang Shuai mentioned in an interview: science and technology in the new year, virtual operators the most important is to raise your head and look at the pattern, put your head down and do the details. To explore a new model of currently, the first echelon virtual operators in the Jingdong, Su Ning, Ali as the representative of the enterprise, the main tariff packages and main business combination, the user based on use of communication, but also enjoy the discount shopping, financial management, game integral privilege, each respectively have their respective market segments and features. for the virtual operator business model, focus on sharing the industry segments of Tencent technology communication chairman Jiang Zhixiang said, we aim at the three operators untapped market, or they disdain to the development of the market. Although the domestic mobile Cheap jeremy scott wings shoes sa market saturation has been high, but in many segments of the market field, the user’s needs and have not been very good to meet the. The minority needs I like cheap jeremy scott adidas three operators do not pay enough attention, there are a lot of market opportunity, this is our virtual operators need to seize. and Su Ning interconnection deputy general manager Wang Shuai pointed out that, after a year of the pilot, several virtual operators have found the business model and development path of their own, the expected future light operation, wet operations virtual operators must have a lot of, but not necessarily the current mobile resell such simple business model. analytic personage thinks, at present the strength of the virtual operators dare to continue to move forward in bad mouthing and problems, because this product is ultimately beneficial to consumers, it will make it to the market to sell. The socalled market segment is only the first step, Stars like jeremy scott adidas with the ductility of the subdivision market sustainable development. up to now, the number of users more than 500000 virtual operators can be counted on one’s fingers, if want to sum up experience has to be attributed to the category of communication innovation breakthrough. As distinguished from the traditional consumer communications, Suning I like adidas nizza hi top sale Internet advocacy of gain communication mode, is the communication service users to enjoy basic, in shopping, financial, social and entertainment daily behavior and the additional discount or even free access to the communication resources. Through the gain Su Ning, Internet users can not only enjoy the basic communication of high quality, but also enjoy shopping free communication resources, financial win double income and other free valueadded services, to obtain preferential treatment and other valueadded privileges. Similar to play virtual operator