Author: Siu Ming Tsui 1

Author: Siu Ming Tsui 1, Beijing, Tianjin and the introduction of collaborative planning: the state officially designated red line buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online CCTV financial channel PM2.5 p from the national development and Reform Commission was informed yesterday afternoon, the Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative planning of ecological environment protection in development release, plans to put forward: to 2017, the annual average concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region to control in 73 micrograms cubic meters. By 2020, the average concentration of PM2.5 to be controlled at about 64 micrograms cubic meter, down about 40% than in 2013. i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes review: the government put forward specific requirements on the environment, the positive environmental sector 2, the central bank enabled MPA Pathfinder financial supervisory by monetary policy department responsible for the first financial daily p recently, the central bank announced that from 2016 onwards will existing difference reserve dynamic adjustment and desired loan management mechanism
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Mens Shoes From China upgrade to macro Prudential evaluation system hereinafter referred to as MPa
Mens Nike Air Max 90 VT M90VT026. According to the first Financial Daily reporter learned that the MPA system will be the central i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes bank monetary policy division is responsible for. review: the launch of the MPA system, or the central bank risk management system so as to realize the financial supervision may be provided 3, the northeast old industrial buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online base to revitalize the views by 2030 into the economic support belt Shanghai Securities News p the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, December 30, held a meeting to listen to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC in 2015 the work report of the deployment of 2016 style and clean government and anticorruption work, the meeting pointed out that the Central Committee and the State Council on the development of the Northeast area has always attached great importance to and made the great decision that implementing the strategy i like air max shoes for revitalizing northeast China and other old industrial bases in 2003. review: the
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Womens Shoes From China revitalization buy air max shoes online of the northeast old industrial base, good local stock
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens Shoes From China 4, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to ensure smooth start registration audit Shanghai Securities News p December 30, 2015, the Shenzhen stock exchange held the 46th session of the Third Council, the Research Council consideration 2016 working train of thought and the Shenzhen stock exchange the 2015 work summary and 2016 work arrangement, product business innovation and development planning 2016 2020. Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that will improve the construction of multilevel capital market, service supply side structural reforms; ensure registration audit work smooth docking, a smooth start. review: the exchange to ensure that the registration system to start, the positive stock market 5, or pension increases for Twelfth consecutive years in some areas of accumulated capital pool depletion economic information daily.

Heart such as blog level level points: access: time 20150819 20:56:32 today the index continued yesterday’s Long Yin to lower shock pulled up late

Heart such as blog level
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Womens Shoes From China level points: access: time 20150819 20:56:32 today the index continued yesterday’s Long Yin to lower shock pulled up late, can reduce the index plate back to early gold card company to support the 3600 area, also fell below the 3600 disc all day long popularity continued to slump, yesterday, led by the central enterprises reform in early trading today continue to decline, the central enterprises reform leading to bad performance in early trading period, their decline makes Renqibuwang, but there is no money effect makes a lot of ticket disk disk reading 20150811 15:01:27. today the index out of a strong shock in Changyang pulled heavy volume yesterday. Two, the volume can be maintained at more than trillion, compared with yesterday amplification, all day long to maintain the shock, the heavyweights continue to differentiate the financial class continues to lead bottom, small cap stocks Go relatively strong, some for a long time did not take over the ticket to bubble. For example, gold, commercial chain, iron and steel and so on are out i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes of the show muscle. Yesterday a
Mens Nike Air Max 90 VT Tweed M90VT022fter the try for a i like air max shoes lot of money to start some fear of change, to raise the reading 20150806 14:59:05. today, the index opened down, sentiment is still strong enough, striking one snag after i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes another, trading volume continued to decline narrowed, the turnover has many tickets very light, half of the ticket turnover of less than 3%, all day long stocks shock to is relatively large,
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Mens Shoes From China because the index buy air max shoes online heavyweights today is not how the performance index of the amplitude is not large, because the stock index futures volatility is relatively large, especially stocks stocks of small cap stocks shock more powerful, all day long futures amplitude 20150805 15:03:10 to read. shock index in early trading today vulnerable, once ascribed close to noon, the closing time in the index under the drive of diving, especially the weight stock co vent diving, volume unchanged from yesterday, can not enlarge this. Location is relatively difficult to break, only after the full exchange of gains to confirm, otherwise easy to flash in the pan. All day long popularity is not very buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online strong, early a little better, at noon when diving and for like, fengshengheli reading 20150804 15:04:07 state of extreme nervousness today the index in management continued margin T 1 Huatai CITIC Securities suspended under favorable policies such as rose, often out of index back to the 3600 area good policy, at the same time Monday on Friday appeared large blue buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online chip heavyweights, such violence intervention index bottomed, but this is only a temporary boost to cure, must let the investors regain confidence, but the present situation is a bit difficult, after all the above financing with funding level reading 20150803 21:47:48. ; today is the first trading day of August, the
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens Shoes From China market was not because it is the first day of trading and especially to the point of reading

Golden light blog evaluation level level points: access: time 20151231 08:47:05 point of view is always adhere to the

Golden light blog evaluation level level points: access: time 20151231 08:47:05 point of view is always adhere to the, this two days continuous stock recommendations on New Year’s day, because if in January and February are no chance, that with three registered in of the newborn baby at any time to be born, then the market more didn’t get a chance to the, so registration system expected date of childbirth may will continue to defer, which countries are reluctant to see. Instead, if in January and February the market into a strong, market of the registration system but no fear! After the market closed yesterday. Reading 20151230 09:06:19 pointed out that early morning light, if Monday’s market slump is just b blame, then, at the end of the market hit the pit is the gold pit, after all, at the end of year money market panic and cash, the next one or two month on month and the IPO phase is more suitable for speculative Duanchao. If the end of the year, one or two months is i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes still not a chance, first do high index, the registration system will postpone the birth, of course, how late can not later than 2018.3 20151229 09:08:52. Reading. Although t
Mens Nike Air Max 90 VT M90VT028he weekend announced a
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Womens Shoes From China registration system to get the birth certificate of the news, but the market has long been expected, and there are at least two months of the transition period of vacuum, so yesterday after the market opened seriously! Just around 11 am, the buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Shanghai Bshare index suddenly appeared aroused speculation collapse, after all, Ashare market exists information asymmetry problem, many news to export turns sale in domestic market, so sometimes B shares and Hong Kong stocks i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes inexplicable slump may also pass. Reading 20151228 09:11: 10 today, the market more concerned about is the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online voted on the afternoon of the 27th through on the adjustment of the authorization of the State Council in the implementation of the stock issue registration system reform for the people’s Republic of China Securities Law the relevant provisions of the decision on the market today what impact? ERU said Jin Guangceng, of a good or bad, once the expected or speculation has been a long time before, for cash, its effect depends on the market on the buy air max shoes online market at that time, the technology. Read 20151227 introduction with Internet, smart phone application and a number of intelligent technology progress, it more and more subvert our life, far did not say, pull point near or far future! You may not understand the intelligent innovation! 25, central bank issued a notice, will establish a classification of account management mechanism, including the fully functional
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens Shoes From China class I account: open a bank counter, meet the real name system all strict requirements; class II households: do not have access to cash Reading 20151226 introduction on Friday the Commission press conference the main if the reference to the SFC is highly concerned with the treasure to Vanke placards events! The China Securities Regulatory Commission said yesterday that will not interfere but would have been highly concerned
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Mens Shoes From China about the treasure to Vanke placards, the Commission is currently being jointly with the i like air max shoes CBRC, CIRC and on the matter are judged, in order to maintain the market participants, especially the legitimate rights and interests of small investors. In fact, the matter has been settled, Vanke, and read

she has not been pregnant with the baby. Recently went to the hospital to check after the knowledge

Visitors to visit the blog: 28140 blog points: 241 points blog post: 137 opening hours: 20130710 blog photo album health focus: love perfume marriage three years has been the 28 year old infertility Zhou Min, year old is a perfume, she likes to collect water, but also like to spray different perfume according to clothes and occasions. But married for three years, she has
Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Shoes Online Sale not been pregnant with the baby. Recently went to the hospital to check after the knowledge, infertility is likely to be her longterm spray perfume! Perfume toxic! Caused by the crisis of the composition of the crisis, whether imported or domestic. Like essence, essential oil, pigment and so on, is the most important. Some women’s fragrances, sometimes like some of the series, will join the female hormones, similar substances. Also some perfumes, will be common to join musk. These ingredients, for women, can lead to infertility. First, we look
Nike Free Run Women Shoes Online Sale at the
Nike Flex Experience RN Women Shoes Online Sale cause of the cause of infertility, the additive. Some artificial flavor, especially inferior perfume, will contain some chemical substances. Like formaldehyde,
Womens Nike Free 3.0 150708010is the most typical. Women’s longterm contact, will lead to abnormal female hormone levels. Even if pregnant, it will cause fetal malformations. Second, on some, increase the female charm, similar to the hormone substance. Women use, will lead to female endocrine, serious disorder. The problem of excitement or disorders. Female infertility, with ovulation abnormalities, due to endocrine disorders, there is a great relationship. Finally, some of the perfume, because to add musk, will lead to female infertility. The reason is because musk in Chinese medicine, is contraceptive drugs. The ancient doctors venereal your choice, then musk dispensing into the female navel, in order to birth records. Women’s longterm contact, will lead to direct infertility. Enjoy the pregnancy gas first package to live 1, poor living habits caused by infertility, need to be vigilant! The World Health Organization reports that infertility is a major medical and social problem all over the world. The incidence of infertility in China is increasing year by year, and in some economically developed coastal areas, due to environmental pollution, work pressure and other factors, resulting in infertility patients were more than 20%, according to incomplete statistics: in 10 couples in more than two pairs of semi for a variety of reasons and suffering from infertility. In addition to uncontrollable congenital factors and unexplained infertility, in fact, many acquired factors of infertility, can be prevented. Breeding experts said, the causes of infertility caused by acquired factors, not overnight, but the accumulation of longterm bad habits. In view of this situation, there are many daily life habits, unconsciously affect people’s reproductive health. 2, unhealthy diet mouth addiction, easy to cause infertility experts pointed out: this phenomenon also encountered a lot in clinical practice, because unhealthy eating habits, people unknowingly fall into the plight of infertility. Bad eating habits can not be ignored. For the love Hot pot of young people, to be careful, Qiemoyinwen

I found that most of the 1 people or 2 people

Blog access: 55894 blog points: 40 points the number of blog posts: 4 opening hours: 20100608 recently returned home to Tongchuan City, contact with a series of home friends, and some want to open clothing stores, and some would like to open a restaurant, in short, everyone wants to do some small business, this kind of people everywhere in today’s society, represents a considerable part of the idea of young people. When pan Xiaochun asked them to shop, they give the answer is often
Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Shoes Online Sale ridiculous and funny, the funny thing is they regard marketing as the cabbage, not funny is because this is a problem that exists in the majority of young people. So I would like to put this thing through an example simply say. Before a friend of 40 square meters of monthly sales in about 20 thousand and 2, and later I went
Nike Flex Experience RN Women Shoes Online Sale to the bookstore for marketing diagnosis, I found that the existence of a number of marketing problems in the bookstore. First, the book store is too sparse, can not produce the customer you want the book here must have some heart. Second, bookstores often sell books often sell light, inventory is not enough. Third, the bookstore’s off rate is very high, but the rate of entry is very low. Fourth, there is no sales promotion activities. Find the problem, pan Xiao
Womens Nike Free 3.0 151022068chun help friends gradually solve the these problems, solve the third problem, I found that bookstore numbers are the southern and Northern Dynasties, the walk is towards things, if not turned away and can’t see the bookstore signs. Therefore, we do a east west toward the listing,
Nike Free Run Women Shoes Online Sale the printed book of words. Bookstore through several small marketing improvement. Bookstore sales in the last five months were 30 thousand and 8, 30 thousand and 9, 40 thousand and 1, 40 thousand and 8, 50 thousand and 3. Profit from the past six thousand or seven thousand yuan per month, up to 2W million. A friend is the cook was born, last year opened a 30 square meters of small restaurants, business can only be maintained, each sales of 1 million yuan, month net profit of more than 2000 yuan, if the count opened restaurant opportunity cost, in fact, restaurant has been at a loss. A few months ago I went to the restaurant to do marketing diagnosis, I found the following problems, first, the restaurant meal times the limited throughput, second, cook a little busy, after a meal point. Third, the restaurant back more than a few new sources, fourth, the lack of characteristics of the restaurant, the lack of consumer spontaneous word of mouth delivery of information content. Fifth, food drink, drinks sales have been on the go. On these five issues, I gave a friend suggested, first, to change the restaurant table layout, I found that most of the 1 people or 2 people, in a meal, often come in the customer a look at the table full, left, so we will be a table four chairs into a table two chairs, and a table and a chair, we increase the number of missing table, reducing the number of redundant chairs. Old customers are encouraged to take out meals, every old customer for at least 38 away consumption, send wolf bottle of wine, full 28 consumption away send Wong Lo Kat a bottle, 18 away send sprite bottle. Through the above two methods, the hotel has a significant increase in the throughput. Second, increase the amount of time the meal is not a meal, taking into account the arrival of a small restaurant consumption are functional consumption, that is, hungry for a meal type of consumers, for this kind of consumers, so that they are not dining;

then abscess disappeared

Blog access: 80161 blog points: 1120 points blog post: 128 breast cancer incidence rate continues to increase, in China’s big cities has become the highest incidence of female cancer. By Hubei satellite TV food and
Nike Flex Experience RN Women Shoes Online Sale health exchange program invitation, to everyone to do breast cancer prevention and treatment of popular science lectures. And host and several guests on issues such as breast cancer in the incidence of our country, the difference between different regions, domestic and foreign treatment status, if the breast selfexamination, how
Nike Free Run Women Shoes Online Sale to prevent breast cancer, traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of breast
Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Shoes Online Sale cancer and other topics into the line of the exchange. The program was broadcast on October 26th. Clinically seen a lot of patients with advanced breast cancer, although the doctor tried, but some results are not satisfactory. Early detection, early treatment, breast cancer cure rate is very high. Can have the opportunity to popularize the scientific knowledge of breast disease to the general audience, so that more people can be concerned about breast health, is a very meaningful thing. Click to view non original lactation mastitis mainly includes two kinds of plasma cell mastitis, granulomatous mastitis. The disease course is long, the ha
Womens WMNS Nike Top Running 151022099rm is big, and the incidence rate is increasing in recent years. Clinical see too much of plasma cell mastitis and granulomatous mastitis patients. Many patients are suffering the pain, some patients in order to hang the number of experts at day and night. Many patients often ask: this disease can heal? Will relapse? Great psychological pressure. In fact, the disease has a certain selfhealing tendency, through the correct conditioning and proper treatment can be cured, and can effectively prevent recurrence. Columns mentioned in the prevention and treatment of common sense and nipple correction methods, such as patients with self operation of small skills. Hope that the column in the notes and conditioning methods can help the majority of patients. Also looking forward to the column can bring comfort to these patients. About the prevention of this disease, you are not a person in combat! amp; physic heart enlightenment was honored in China Chinese Medicine Research Council for the promotion of breast disease branch of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with the academic exchanges will do the non lactation mastitis abscess aspiration techniques theme of the report. In the Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, lecture hall, and from all over the country more than 300 breast specialists share plasma cell mastitis, granulomatous mastitis abscess stage treatment. Abscess stage is a stage of plasma cell mastitis is very common, it is also a critical period for success. If treatment is proper, then abscess disappeared, cure disease. If treated improperly, channeling side abscess formed breast multiple sinus, fistula, defer does not heal. Current conventional treatment methods: incision and drainage, conventional dressing method. Inadequate: local injury, postoperative wound healing period is long, cut and frequent dressing change pain, patients spend large, need hospitalization, psychological experience poor: the fear of surgery aggravate the condition, scar formation. We use the method of aspiration for treatment, avoid surgical incision pain;

explosion buy why became the 2015 Sino Japanese relations

explosion buy why became the 2015 Sino Japanese relations, the news headlines three commentary fir;; map from the network p Japan’s Kyodo News Chinese Department recently selected 2015 a href rel = on Ten Major Relations News used, of which the China went to, the number of visitors innovates again tall shopping spree burst buy hot words why was named headlines? Because of , promote the relaxation of visa issuance conditions in the depreciation of the yen and Japanese tourists to visit Japan in 2015, China increased. Japan National Tourism Administration released data show that from 1 to November Chinese mainland tourists totaled about 4
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Wholesale million 650 thousand passengers, an increase of 109%, plus Taiwan and Hongkong, China tourists, the total number of the year will reach about ten million people 2014 total of about 6 million 160 thousand, following last year’s new high. p Chinese tourists strong purchasing power caused concern, describe the in sweep burst buy word won the Japan 2015 neologism popular language aw
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II White Blue Blackards. Airlines have expanded the number of flights and flights, the increase in the number of dutyfree shops and dutyfree goods, etc., and strive to seize this opportunity. Relative to this, by air pollution and other factors, the number of Japanese tourists to China was a downward trend. one, Chinese tourists to help the recovery of the Japanese economy 11 month 19, the Japanese finance ministry data show that Japan’s exports fell 2.1% in October compared with the same period in the first half. This has made it difficult for the Japanese economy to recover from a recession. data show that in October exports
Blake Griffin Shoes Wholesale fell 2.1% over the same period last year, and analysts
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Wholesale estimate the median consistent. Growth of 0.6% over the previous month, for the first time in 4 months of growth. This is the first time since August 2014 exports fell, when exports to the United States to reduce the impact of the overall export. data also show that in October exports to China fell 3.6% over the same period last year, the decline in third consecutive months, due to the export of steel and auto parts and other commodities decreased. Exports to Asia fell 3.6% over the same period last year, second consecutive months of decline, Japan’s overall exports to Asia accounted for about half of the share of exports. earlier, Japan’s third quarter gross domestic product GDP data show that the Japanese economy into 5 years of the fourth recession, it is questioned the effectiveness of the economic measures taken by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. p just is in the Japanese economy appears very large decline, due to the depreciation of the yen, to Japan, the Chinese tourists visited. Chinese tourists into the Japanese shops, always want to buy a crazy big

Kai Fu Lee dead chicken soup era blindly dumb medicine 20151209 introduction classified in review 33 just after lunch

Kai Fu Lee dead chicken soup era blindly dumb medicine 20151209 introduction classified in review 33 just after lunch, wanted to in small river walk, but see
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Wholesale lid in students group turned a video date with Lu Yu Kai Fu Lee a class on death, I saw laihuo. Last time Li Kaifu said he did not like the airport’s success of learning books, the result was friends Tucao your own book on the airport is often placed in the success of learning a class ah. The face does not matter, as long as there is concern, this is not
Blake Griffin Shoes Wholesale to sell dead chicken soup. He this video is similar, I read a few minutes. Not polite to
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Wholesale say, Li Kaifu on weekdays to play life mentor even, got a cancer, and to teach you in the face of death, and how he was so successful? Even the ill than we ordinary people? His illness will be able to produce. View full text amp; amp; sun Jiazhou zunshichongdao flubbing 20150922 introduction classified in the comments 7 because their graduate Hao Xianghe in micro circle of friends abuse inclusion some academic authority Yan
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Fusion Jordan Red BlueBuke and History Department of Peking University Professor, the NPC history professor Jia Zhou sun in online hair open letter to terminate the relationship between teachers and students, this matter ignited, I hold urine but couldn’t hold it, simply written to say a few words. first of all, we have to distinguish between public domain and private domain. Generally believe that the micro blog is a public domain, micro channel circle of friends is a private domain. Of course, now with the weak microblogging, micro channel circle of friends have a public domain trend. Chinese people always on the public domain and private domain does not pay attention to the distinction, so, Hongkong pornographic incident condemned Edison Chan people. To see the full text of how to force against others to eat dog meat? 20150625 introduction classified in comment 15 amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; June, online launched boycott dog Festival and anti boycott dog day all melodramatic drama, this year to? According to Legal Evening News reports: last year, dog lovers against reached a peak, this reporter again Yulin found regardless of local or dog lovers, the mood gradually calm. The Government prohibited the street dog carcasses, members of the public from distributed to volunteers to buy ice cream, and dog lovers also aware that eating dog meat is the custom, want to influence them. Both sides by turn for Peace Action is certainly a good thing, because regardless of the counterplea theory or physical conflict, dog lovers are no pain hit points, generate closedloop To see full text amp; amp; Qing’an revolver and stability maintenance Mengpo Tang 20150514 17:06: 51 classified in comment 1 amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; I have always thought that experienced decades of leftwing culture disseminated in China should be won’t appear at the bottom of the contempt thought, so when the Gan Yang in the 1990s called for vigilance aristocratic liberalism I feel is Qi people worry about connection

; is not thirsty Beijing

; is not thirsty Beijing, do not lose Xiangyang Luotian Hao amp; is a researcher at the SASAC
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Wholesale of business and technology center of mass, wrote big cities early autumn. The sky was clear. should be Xiangyang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Tourism Bureau and the
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Wholesale joint invitation of the Phoenix network, a glimpse of the ancient city of style. The mighty river, still quiet. After sending water to the north, the largest tributary of the Yangtze River, still rolling eastward, not rash. As in Xiangyang, China’s first Seoul quiet and simple. A river across the north and South . p of South to North Water Diversion Middle Route Project formally through the water, the Milky Way through each year to determine the will to the North Transport 95 billion cubic meters, which assigns 1.235 billion cubic meters in Beijing. The two phase of the project plans to increase the amount of water to 13 b
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes Gary Silver Orangeillion cubic meters per year. The direct beneficiaries reached 60 million people, the number of billions of dollars of indirect benefit. Severe water shortage in Beijing, will solve the
Blake Griffin Shoes Wholesale biggest problem of resources. p draft does not forget to water, with milky way through the excited should be thinking is long, in order to realize the south to North Water Diversion Project, in several provinces of South especially Hubei made a great sacrifice, future, how to achieve compensation for these places? ; ; difficult to measure the two costs to protect the Milky way water to the north, the center line of the water source of Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi and other places have paid a huge sacrifice. water source of the two major costs argument, quite popular. The socalled direct costs, including water pollution prevention and control inputs, water and soil conservation, relocation costs and other losses of ecological migration, the opportunity cost should include in order to protect the ecological environment to give up the economic development benefits and sacrifice of the development opportunities. Opportunity cost is hard to measure, but the direct cost is completely calculated. ; in terms of direct costs, the loss of the most important is Xiangyang, Shiyan, Hubei and Henan in the south of Xichuan. North to the river of water, these places are paid a huge sacrifice. In recent years, the cumulative shutting down of enterprises, it reached more than 1000. near Xiangfan, the comprehensive loss of ecological environment, the estimate also reached 11 billion 600 million., Shiyan ecological losses totaled 145 billion yuan is huge, in Henan, the Danjiangkou Reservoir in Henan province city 3 6 County water accumulated Guantingbingzhuan polluting enterprises 801 home annual financial reduce

20131109 10:05 in Guilin vaguely remember the end of last month

20131109 10:05 in Guilin vaguely remember the end of last month, such as the honeymoon in general, people in the middle
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Mens Shoes From China reaches of buy air max shoes online the painting, pilgrimage to Karst. The nine horse painting mountains natural carving, uncanny workmanship of nature carved a lifelike, Lijiang River, the clear water and blue sky, constantly emerge in front of us. In fact the claim is dream tour, childhood in the textbook first eye see landscape jiatianxia Guilin, always think have one day be able to see for myself. br couples couples in road couples couples two backpack to eat, a small trolley luggage, my husband and I this appeared on the train to Guilin, thinking is about to reach the hearts of the holy land, even if dusty commuting, nor
Cheap Nike Air Max BW Mens Shoes From China will my interest weakened half points. Sometimes chat with her husband, hungry to come up with a bag of clean apple out of the bag to eat. Eat sweet apple, looking out of the window gradually away scenery, with full expectations. After a six hour drive, we are finally out of the Guilin railway station, at the moment, Tetraena dusk, took the luggage in the square in front of the station in the direction of the road to see, the mountain rainbow
Mens Nike Air Max Classic BW MBW0110flashing, busy. Place is already booked online in the economy, buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online as in the past quickly, just bought two bowls of Rice noodles on dinner. That night sleep is very sweet, a night without a dream. br couples couples people in the painting in the middle reaches of the couples couples tomorrow early got out of bed, downstairs to the northwest noodle eat the meal very authentic Lanzhou noodles, my husband and I carrying a package with the mission to Yangshuo. br sitting on a small raft Tour River, people have completely is to attract the surrounding scenery, natural karst seat mountain shapes, Zhang Guo old daoqilv, beacon immortal lifelike. Nine horse painting nine mountain horse darling, like Xu Beihong under the pen of the horse, shapes of running. To look at other cliff, HYAKKI night, playing Baigujing. In the beauty of the painting in the middle reaches of the lies not only in, is more rich imagination, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online I pointed to the king the king. However, in the absence of imagination in the eyes of her husband, but is a heap of stones, naturally he will experience not to the fun. br the next trip will be a bit hasty, moon hill in the tour car in a hurry to skim over, mother moon story was also guide highly commercial publicity and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes become dull. Hastily visited canoe forest of the big banyan, and visit several attractions, the same time. br couples couples return journey br the next day to seven star park tour a lot, we embarked on the return journey, to return to Nanning, ready to ride booked the flight back i like air max shoes to Harbin. i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes In Guangxi last night not well ahead of the scheduled hastily in Wuyi Road found a call Wei Jing fast, also caught in the shop sweeping micro preferential, the comfortable and comfortable sleep a night. br aftertaste this trip to Guilin, feel a little hasty. A lot of food did not have a good taste, it is regrettable that a vacation is too short, just want to have holiday
Cheap Nike Air Max BW Womens Shoes From China again. But back to my buddies also have to show off a blow. Or with her husband to discuss